Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Movie Review: The Answer Man

"I'm just a guy who crawled back to civilization on all fours."

I watched this movie because I think Jeff Daniels is hilarious. Especially when he's angry.

Daniels plays Arlen Faber, a bestselling author of the book, "Me and God", where the premise is that he is asking God questions and relaying his answers.  Arlen lives in relative seclusion because he has learned to despise people over the last twenty years. He spends his time reading self help book and trying to meditate, albeit unsuccessfully. He is, a miserable curmudgeon.

One day, he throws out his back, crawls into the nearest chiropractor(Lauren Graham), and his life begins to change. He befriends her son, and also advice for book with a recently sober bookstore owner.

This is a good movie, is it spectacular? No. Does it stick in your mind as anything life altering? No. But it's worth a viewing, mainly for the moments when you can see Jeff Daniels explode at the Fed Ex guy, a school teacher, and a piano man at a fancy restaurant. The storylines tie together well and you believe the intentions of the characters. Definitely worth a watch.

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